100 Strangers

This evening our own club member Steve Myall EFIAP BPE4* entertained us via Zoom with his brand new 100 Strangers talk.

For those who don’t know, the 100 Strangers Project is all about taking photographs of people you have never met before and uploading them to a Flickr group.

Steve explained that you can’t take long distance candid images, the requirement is to approach people you see whilst out and about, introduce yourself to them and ask to take their picture. In addition to this, you need to find out a little about each of the subjects to show you have met the challenge.

In the presentation Steve explained how you need to approach people with an air of confidence, no matter how nervous you might be, show the correct body language, smile and don’t keep your hands in your pockets. It also pays to be ready and Steve told us when he goes out looking for Strangers, he has his favoured 50mm 1:1.4 lens on his camera, set to manual with ISO and aperture ready to go.

It became clear during the evening that Steve loves to photograph people where bright and bold colours are prevalent. This could be the clothes they are wearing or the colour of their hair. But it doesn’t stop there, he tries to find backdrops that complement the colours, whilst at other times he will find a wall or doorway he likes and wait for the right person to come along to be able to photograph them in that position.

Steve went on to tell us that he does very little in the way of editing, as images should portray the subject in the situation he meets and photographs them, but he does convert some to monochrome where it is better suited and will remove the minor distractions from the backgrounds that do not affect the story. 

The club would like to publicly thank Steve for a fabulous evening with some excellent images and a great insight into how to photograph strangers.

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