2022/23 Award Winners

Our season has come to an end, the numbers have been crunched by our Competition Secretary and we now know the winners and runners up. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you very much to everyone who has taken part in the competitions this year.

Most Overall Points The Ken Riffin Trophy

Paul Burrows


The Chairman’s Choice Favourite Image

Tony Walker – Tide Out under The Severn Bridge

Nature (PDI and Print) – Martin Withers Memorial Trophy

Paul Burrows

Colour (PDI only) – The Bill Lawrenson Trophy

Paul Burrows

Colour (Prints) – The Ken Lewin Trophy

Rob Inglis

Monochrome (PDI only) – The Mary Hurley Trophy

Tony Walker

Monochrome (Prints) – The Howard & Jackie Fisher Trophy

Trevor McHugh

Special Themes Award

Joint Winners – Rob Inglis & Tony Walker


And the Runners Up are:

Overall Points

  • 2nd Place – Tony Walker
  • Third Place – Rob Inglis


  • 2nd Place – David Kissman
  • Third Place – Brian Garner & Tony Walker

Colour PDI

  • 2nd Place – Julian Taylor
  • Third Place – Gavin Brand

Colour Print

  • 2nd Place – Tony Walker
  • Third Place – Paul Burrows & Trevor McHugh

Monochrome PDI

  • 2nd Place – Paul Burrows
  • Third Place – Gavin Brand

Monochrome Print

  • 2nd Place – Alan Buckby & Paul Burrows