1. TITLE The Club shall be called Keyworth Camera Club, herafter to be referred to as ‘the Club’, and shall be a Members club. 


2a. To foster a sociable environment in which to promote the enjoyment of photography at all levels. 

2b. To help and encourage Members to advance their knowledge and skills in the art and science of photography. 


3a. Membership shall be open to any person aged 16 years or over upon completing a Membership form and paying the relevant subscription, as determined by the Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee reserves the right, when considered necessary, to impose a limit on the overall number to be admitted and to open a waiting list. 

3b. Honorary Membership may be awarded on the recommendation of the Management Committee, subject to confirmation by an Annual General Meeting. 

3c. Membership details including names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other relevant information will be kept on computerised files. This information will only be used for Club purposes. 

3d. The annual subscription is due on 1 September each year and any Member who has not paid by 1 December of that year will be deemed to have resigned. 

3e. Any Member who, in the opinion of the Management Committee, after hearing all the relevant evidence and after having been given an opportunity to state their case at the relevant meeting of the Management Committee, is deemed to have brought the Club into disrepute, shall have their Membership withdrawn immediately. 

4. OFFICERS The officers of the Club shall be as follows, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary and Competition Secretary. 


5a. All officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, from, and by, the Members of the Club. 

5b. All Officers are elected for a period of one year, but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year, except the office of Chairperson, which shall not be held for more than two consecutive years, 

5c. A Member who is an undischarged bankrupt, has a County Court Judgement registered against them, or has been convicted of any offence involving dishonesty shall not be eligible for membership of the Management Committee. 


6a. The affairs of the Club shall be controlled by a Management Committee comprising of the Officers of the Club and three other Members elected from, and by, the Members of the Club at the Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee shall meet not less than three times a year. 

6b. To keep accurate accounts of the finances of the Club, through the Treasurer. These should be available for reasonable inspection by Members and should be examined by a Member elected for that purpose before presentation to the Annual General Meeting for approval. The Club shall maintain appropriate bank accounts and the Treasurer shall be allowed to authorise transactions up to £200 without referral which includes signing of cheques and setting up internet payments. For amounts in excess of £200 agreement (and signature where appropriate) must be obtained from either the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, or Secretary. Agreement should be obtained and confirmed via email to maintain an audit trail. The Treasurer should also forward a copy of the monthly Bank statement to the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson to ensure that the integrity of both the club and Treasurer are maintained. 

6c. Five Members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum. 

6d. Meetings of the Management Committee shall be minuted by the Secretary, the minutes to be presented for approval at the following Committee Meeting. 

6e. The Management Committee shall have full power to deal with any contingency which may arise that is not covered by this Constitution. 

6f. The Management Committee may co-opt additional Members to a sub-committee as and when they feel this is necessary. Co-opted Members shall not be entitled to a vote on that Committee. 

6g. The Management Committee shall make decisions on a simple majority vote, the Chairperson to be entitled to an additional casting vote. 

6h. The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy arising between Annual General Meetings. 


7a. The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held each year at a date set by the committee. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given by email communication to the members not less than 14 days in advance of the selected date. Members must advise the Secretary in writing of any business to be moved at the Annual General Meeting at least 28 days before that meeting. The Secretary shall circulate or give notice of the agenda for the meeting to Members not less than 14 days before the meeting. Nomination of candidates for election of Officers shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting date. Nominations can only be made by Members and must be seconded by another Member and signed by the nominee. At the meeting the Secretary shall present the minutes of the previous AGM for approval by those who were there present. 

7b. At all General Meetings, the chair will be taken by the Chairperson or, in their absence, by the Vice Chairperson or by a deputy appointed by the Members attending the meeting. 

7c. Decisions made at a General Meeting shall be by a simple majority of votes from those Members attending the meeting. In the event of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote. 

7d. A quorum for a General Meeting shall be 15 Members and 3 Officers of the Club including 2 from the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. 

8. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS Special General Meetings may be convened by the Management Committee or on receipt by the Secretary of a request in writing from not less than 10 Members of the Club. At least 21 days notice of the meeting shall be given, in writing, to all Members. 

9. FINANCE The funds of the Club shall be applied solely to the objects stated in Rule 2, Members of the Club shall not receive payment either directly or indirectly for their services other than for legitimate expenses incurred on the Club’s behalf. 

10. ALTERATIONS TO THE CONSTITUTION Alterations to the Club Constitution may only be made by consent of a General Meeting of the Club and must be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting. Such alteration or amendment must be proposed, and seconded, by Club Members. Proposals to alter or amend the Constitution shall be made in writing to the Secretary giving at least 28 days notice. Such alterations shall be passed if supported by not less than two-thirds of those Members present at the meeting, assuming that a quorum has been achieved. 

11. COMPETITION RULES These shall be maintained and reviewed by the Management Committee. Changes will be made as and when necessary and will be communicated to the members in a timely manner.  Only in exceptional circumstances will changes be made during a competition season 


12a. If at any General Meeting of the Club a resolution calling for the dissolution of the Club is carried by at least two-thirds of the Members present at the meeting, the Management Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the Club and discharge all debts and liabilities of the Club. 

12b. After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Club, the remaining assets shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objectives similar to those of the Club and receipts obtained. 

12c. On completion of all financial and administrative requirements the financial records appertaining to the dissolution and relevant account documentation shall be deposited in the manner required by Government legislation at that time.