Round Five 2023-24

This round was for Prints. Click on each one for full size image


Paul BurrowsWalk The WalkFirst
Gavin BrandKings CrossSecond
Trevor McHughBoat On The NileThird
Paul BurrowsCrusader ReturnsCommended
Geoff FosterRiverCommended
Geoff FosterTimber YardCommended
Brian GarnerConcentrationCommended
Trevor McHughA Close CoupleCommended


Trevor McHughThe LighthouseFirst
Paul BurrowsThe HemisphericSecond
Trevor McHughBamburgh ShorelineThird
Michael BarkeWhite Peak CloudsCommended
Paul BurrowsOld Market Square And Council HouseCommended
Geoff FosterGeometry And The ShardCommended
Brian GarnerNottingham BroadwayCommended
Brian GarnerDoddington Old TreeCommended


Brian GarnerRedshank In FlightFirst
Paul BurrowsGreen Woodpecker RestingSecond
Geoff FosterWhite-tailed EagleThird
Paul BurrowsRock Pipit With InsectCommended
Geoff FosterGoldfinchCommended
Brian GarnerHovering KestralCommended
Brian GarnerBlack Headed Gull AerobaticsCommended

Theme – Sacred Places or Places of Reverence

Geoff FosterChester CloistersFirst
Paul BurrowsReal Maestranza – Spains Oldest BullringSecond
Brian GarnerSamaria Gorge ShrineThird
Paul BurrowsWhitby AbbeyCommended
Geoff FosterHindu DeitiesCommended
Geoff FosterCologne Cathedral – West FrontCommended
Trevor McHughStep PyramidCommended
Trevor McHughA Priest At KnossosCommended