Round Four 2018-19

Due to bad weather conditions we had a change of judge for the fourth round of our internal competitions. This heat was for prints only and had four sections – colour, monochrome, nature and the theme of street, the latter of which had to feature people captured unaware of the camera as the main subject.

Our stand-in judge, Malcolm Sales, stepped up to the job admirably, especially when you realise he is a member of our club – hopefully he didn’t recognise anyone’s work, but if he did no-one escaped his encouraging critique and certainly many club members will have gone away with food for thought on how to improve their images. Most of Malcolm’s comments revolved around the quality of the finished print, such as enlarging small JPEG files to too large a size, or black and white images without enough contrast to really make them pack the punch they should.

When you look at the names on the four first placed images attached to this report you may think only two of our members ran away with the ‘prizes’ but you’d be mistaken, for the total number of placings went to a variety of people.

Thanks must once again be directed at Malcolm for standing in last minute and judging the competition fairly and knowledgeably.

Colour Results

  • 1st  David Kissman – Intense Concentration
  • 2nd  Paul Burrows – St Paul’s at Sunset
  • 3rd  Tony Walker – Infinity Bridge
  • Commended  Paul Burrows – Cheese Rings at Sunset
  • Commended  Paul Burrows – Eyes on the Ball
  • Commended John Sutherland – Striking Yellow
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Monochrome Results

  • 1st  Paul Burrows – Dog Parking
  • 2nd  Paul Burrows – The Hurlers and Old Engine House
  • 3rd  David Kissman – Leaving the beach
  • Commended Paul Burrows – Birnbeck Pier
  • Commended  Stephen Kelsall – Leading Lines
  • Commended   John Sutherland – Unashamed grandeur
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Nature  Results

  • 1st  Paul Burrows – Hypholoma fasciculare, Sulphur Tuft
  • 2nd  Tony Walker – Red Fox
  • 3rd  John Sutherland – Large White Butterfly- Pieris brassicae
  • Commended  John Sutherland – Dandelion type Seed Head
  • Commended  Paul Burrows – Herring Gull with Starfish
  • Commended  David Kissman – Little Egret on take off
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Street  Results

  • 1st  David Kissman – Pre occupied
  • 2nd  Paul Burrows – Break time at Harbour Office
  • 3rd  Natalie Burrows – Texting
  • Commended  David Kissman – A rest in the Sun
  • Commended  Andy Kind – Audience
  • Commended  Paul Burrows – Getting About
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