Chairman’s Evening Jan 2020

January 9th was our Chairman’s Evening. Traditionally this event is shrouded in secrecy and the only way to find out what our Chairman had arranged was to turn up on the night and the vast majority of our membership did just that, although the content had been intentionally leaked at the last meeting before Christmas.

Our surprise speaker for the night was Quinton Quayle of Quale Industries Ltd. Quinton specializes in commercial drone photography.

Although based in Nottingham, Quinton carries out work across the UK doing surveys and inspections, filming properties for estate agents and aerial videography.

This fascinating evening enthralled the packed audience with many questions being asked, all of which Quinton answered knowledgeably and enthusiastically. Quinton also injected many humorous stories about his work and observations about the laws governing drone operation. All this was backed up with photographs and video sequences supporting his commentary.

Quinton had also brought along a variety of drones, ranging from those hobbyists would be more likely to purchase and much larger machines that were more commonly used by commercial pilots. He also showed a number of different cameras and lenses that could be fixed to the drones.

The interest this talk generated from the audience proved that our Chairman had successfully provided a speaker that captured the imagination of our membership and ensured that this entertaining evening will not be forgotten.

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