2nd Club Competition

Keyworth Camera Club held the second round of its internal competition on Thursday 18th November. There were three sections; Monochrome, Colour and the theme of Golden Hour or Blue Hour. The three categories attracted a total of 77 entries.

Our judge was Pat Couder CPAGB BPE1* QPSA from London. Pat had been able to access our images for sometime before the competition night so she’d been able to preview them and assess them in advance of giving us her opinions on our photographs. Pat said she was particularly pleased to see a number of our members trying creative techniques to move their images away from being just records of a subject.

Pat gave plenty of considered comments, praising and critiquing where needed. Things she said we need to lookout for included making sure monochrome images contained blacks and whites rather than just being presented in flat tones of grey. To add thin key-lines around the edges of dark images so we could see where the image ended and the screen began. To simplify content if possible so images aren’t confusing and to look around the edges of our photographs for distractions.

The membership thoroughly enjoyed Pat’s encouraging words and we’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank her for assessing our images.

The three photographs accompanying this report are the category winners. To find out who took them and to see all the placed images in all three sections then please follow this link https://keyworthcameraclub.org.uk/round-two-2021-22

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