Online Critique Night – 9th April 2020

Last night the club held its first on-line critique night with thanks to Gavin for arranging the evening through the wonderful medium of Zoom.

It is safe to say that it was an excellent success with at least 20 members joining the meeting to see the 43 images entered by 16 people.

A massive thanks must go to Steve Myall who provided some excellent feedback on the images. Having seen all the images prior to the event it enabled Steve to present some considered comments on each one and provide great hints and tips on how they might be improved.

During the evening members were muted to prevent any interruptions however they were able to ask questions in the chat box and on a number of occasions Gavin unmuted individuals to allow Steve to discuss an image with the author.

Overall I think everyone who attended had a very enjoyable evening and we all look forward to more Thursday night Zoom meetings.

Below is a Gallery with one image from each person who entered. Click on each to see in more detail.

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