Second Competition Night 2019-20

November 28th was our second internal competition. This round was for prints only, covering four categories: Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature and the theme of Action & Sports, the latter having to clearly depict people taking part in sports or another energetic activity. 

Our judge for the night was Jacqui Jay Grafton ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE5* who tackled the large number of images presented to her in a timely manner, offering plenty of tips and advice that would help makeour images that bit better. These welcome and helpful comments included giving our subjects a bit more breathing space within the frame, to give more consideration to our aperture choices and to think about how we crop our work. Jacqui explained everything thoughtfully and clearly so her advice was easy to understand for both beginner and advanced.

It was a real bonus for club members to see Jacqui struggle to make her final choices from the images she held back, and she said it was a shame that she couldn’t award more than one first place in a couple of categories as the standard of those last few photographs was so high. 

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jacqui for her expert advice and encouragement that will surely have our members thinking a little bit more about the images they enter in our next internal competition.

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