Seeing Opportunity

Erica Oram CPAGB AFIAP BPE3* visited KCC on December 5th to give her presentation ‘Seeing Opportunity’. This was a digital projection show, but Erica also brought along 25 prints as this is the only way to see the true quality of images, and this point was proven by taking a close look at this small selection of superb prints.

The first half of the evening concentrated on landscapes taken in various locations around the world. The second half was all about images containing people, be these portraits, candid street work or people taking part in sport. 

All through the evening Erica pushed home the point of taking the ‘classic’ view but then pushing yourself to explore the subject in other ways. This could be done by simply choosing a different viewpoint or by using a variety of techniques, such as long shutter-speeds or moving the camera during the exposure, to create something different. Seeing how eye-catching Erica’s results were, we are sure some of our membership will be trying out these ideas themselves.

Erica’s patter was engaging, informative and inspirational. Her commentary was laced with humorous tales, be they observations about the challenges she had in getting her images, or her dealings with the people in her photographs. 

This was Erica’s second visit to our club, the first being in 2016, and we are sure that she will be invited back very soon as everyone thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. Thank-you, Erica for providing us with a thought-provoking an entertaining evening.

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