Pics wot I like

Dave Tucker EFIAP/s DPAGB CPAGB BPE3* visited Keyworth Camera Club on the evening of March 12th to give us his presentation Pics Wot I Like.

This talk covered a variety of topics including infrared landscapes, people, sport, nature, creative work and photographs of subjects he and his wife Angie just liked. Yes, the show included images from Angie too.

Dave’s patter was fluid, informative and entertaining. Throughout all, Dave’s and Angie’s competitive nature shone through, not least with each other. This had certainly helped them in their quest to be successful in competition photography which had won them many awards both at home and abroad.

Our membership was particularly impressed by a series of images showing people in their working environment.

Once again KCC was treated to a thoroughly enjoyable evening and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dave for visiting our club and showing us his (and Angie’s) inspirational images

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