Monochrome Challenge

During 2022 Club Members were given the challenge of submitting one monochrome image per month to a Flickr group set up specifically for this project. The only rules were all images had to be monochrome had to be taken during 2022. It was great to see that twenty members took up and completed the challenge.

At our club meeting on Thursday 19th the twenty members each showed three of their twelve images and provided a narrative on why those three were taken and what they liked about them. After each person had presented their images the audience voted for their favourite of the three. Those twenty images can be seen in the accompanying AV.

After showing these twenty, the audience then voted for their favourite three and these are also shown here. It must be noted this wasn’t a competition and just for fun. Many congratulations to all those who completed the challenge and we look forward to similar numbers taking part in the 2023 project of Architecture in Nottinghamshire.

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