Me and Mr Grumpy

On the evening of November 19th KCC was visited, via Zoom, by Louise Walton (Langley) CPAGB to give her presentation ‘Me and Mr. Grumpy’. This is actually a joint talk with her husband Gary Langley DPAGB.

This talk contained photographs covering a wide range of subject matter, so there really was something for everybody. Themes included Appleby Horse Fair, landscapes, architecture, birds and animals, food, travel and portraits. Louise and Gary took turns showing sequences of excellent images.

They included some fascinating information about their subjects and plenty of hints and tips about photographing them, such as why they decide to present an image in monochrome rather than colour. They don’t over process their photographs so they keep their natural look. Another great piece of advice was to practice your portraiture techniques on family and friends.

Thank-you Louise and Gary for showing us your inspirational images, they truly were a joy to see.

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