March 2023 Review

Keyworth Camera Club had five meetings, six if you count an away leg of a battle with Lincoln Camera Club, during the month of March.

On the 2nd we we’re visited by professional sports photographer Ady Kerry who covered all aspects of sports and action photography. Ady didn’t pull any punches as he showed us some outstanding images whilst giving us lots of tips, tricks and advice to lift our sports photography to the next level.

The fifth heat of our internal competition was held on the 9th. This was for pdi’s and they could be entered in three categories: Colour, Monochrome and the Theme of bridges. You can see the winning images of each section accompanying and all the placed photographs by following this link:

Dave and Angie Tucker gave us their presentation ‘Some More Pics What We Like’ on the 16th. This covered a wide variety of subjects and including awarding winning photographs as well as images that they simply like. This proved to be a very entertaining and inspirational evening.

March 23rd was the second leg of our annual battle with Lincoln C.C. The first round had been held a few days earlier and Keyworth C.C. had managed to gain a slim lead. The judge for our leg was our federation president, Sue Wilson and after her assessment of all the images KCC had stretched their lead and so claimed victory this year.

Marlies Chell brought along a wonderful selection of insects and lights for us to hold a practical evening on the 30th to photograph these stunning stick insects and praying mantis in all their glory. This proved challenging and made for a terrific evening.

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