From Landscapes to Wildlife

Matthew Cattell visited Keyworth Camera Club via Zoom on Thursday 17th of March to give us a talk on outdoor photography that covered the natural world in all its beauty, from landscapes to wildlife.

Most of Matthew’s photographs are taken in locations local to him and usually involved getting up during the very early hours so he could be in position for sunrise. He does work at other times of the day too but if not at dawn then he would choose dusk.Mathew works in projects, visiting the same place time and again to photograph his subject in different lighting conditions, his favourite being when there is some mist of fog around and he showed us many superb photographs taken in these conditions.

The talk was broken into various sections, each covering a different project which included Royal Parks, swans, the coast, trees, red deer and the Lake District. All his photographs had really captured the beauty of the location magnificently showing his expert understanding of light, composition and background control – the latter being something he said is as important as the main subject.

Matthew’s commentary covered everything about his pictures – information about his subjects, why he’d taken the image and what his thinking was about the photograph. He said that he takes the obvious photograph and then spends time looking for the more unusual, such as concentrating on details.

Thank-you Matthew for giving us a superb presentation which was greatly enjoyed by all. We’re sure you’ve given our members the inspiration they need to get out of bed early so they too can capture some images during first light.

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