Three W’s

We had another Summer club outing on Sunday 31st July and although numbers were down on the previous event, we were still able to enjoy a varied and challenging few hours visiting the churches of Widmerpool, Willoughby and Wysall.

First stop was Widmerpool where one of our members, Trevor, made prior arrangements and we were able to gain access in advance of the morning service to spend time photographing the church interior. This provided the chance to take some stylistic images including the ceiling, organ pipes and crucifix. Then it was off to Willoughby and although we did not have chance to go inside this church we found plenty to occupy our time outside. Not only did we look to capture the architecture of the church but we also spent some considerable time making images in the church grounds where, in some places, overgrown grass made for some very atmospheric photos. Then it was off to Wysall for another exterior shoot of the church and its surroundings.

No outing would be complete without a gathering at a local hostelry so we decamped to the Plough for a few drinks (non-alcoholic) and a good chat about a variety of topics. We might squeeze in one more outing before the new season gets going and it might involve visits to more churches in the area including more with the “W” as the first letter of the location. We are sure that you can list a few of those within easy reach of Keyworth!

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