Double Exposure 2

Guy Davies ARPS EFIAP EPSA and Paula Davies FRPS EFIAP/s EPSA visited Keyworth Camera Club on July 2nd via Zoom to give us their presentation Double Exposure 2. 

This joint talk covered a broad variety of subject matter, shown as mini-themes throughout, one of which connected the two halves together.

Guy was the first half presenter, and his themes include some top-class images of staircases, photographs taken at night in the streets of London, close-ups of rocks and finished with some landscapes. One great tip from Guy was that when using very wide angled lenses make sure you don’t include your feet in the image.

Paula took over after the break and continued with the theme of landscapes before moving on to still life work, mainly of flowers. Paula finished her section by showing some creative work explaining in detail how she made these stunning images, some multi-exposure pictures of trees being particularly effective.

Throughout the evening questions were asked and Guy and Paula answered these comprehensibly and their enthusiasm for photography was very evident as they explained their techniques both in Photoshop and camera as well as talking about printers.

A few of the many tips given were to point your camera upwards, downwards and try different angles rather than taking everything from head height. Try reversing colours to see if these new tones work better than the originals. Have fun when taking images and try new techniques, if they don’t work you can always bin them.

We’d be remiss not to publicly thank Guy and Paula for an excellent evening full of superb images that were an absolute delight to look at and extremely inspirational.

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