Success For Club Member

Congratulations to Steve Myall for his recent success in a challenge run by EOS Magazine for photographs taken at 50mm – either taken with a 50mm prime lens or setting a zoom lens to this focal length. Although Steve didn’t win outright, his picture was printed as it was one of the ten favourite images from the challenge.

Unfortunately the magazine mistakenly credited the photograph to a Peter Myall instead of Steve but the reproduction fee and seeing the image in print has gone a long way to making up for that error. 

Steve took the photograph as part of his 100 Stranger Project. He’d spotted Ella with a group of friends and liked how her red hair was backlit, so he wasted no time in introducing the project to her and, of course, Ella agreed to being photographed for it. As with many of Steve’s stranger portraits his choice of lens is the EF 50mm f1.4 USM, so it was an ideal candidate to be sent in for the competition.

You can see more of Steve’s strangers on Flickr by clicking here

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