Club Member Achieves Recognition

The Austrian Trierenberg Super Circuit is arguable the most prestigious photographic exhibition in the world and it attracts thousands of entries from both professional and amateur photographers from many countries. All who enter, whether successful in getting acceptances or not, receive two outstanding books, each of which contain hundreds of superbly reproduced photographs, which are well-worth the entry fee alone. These quality publications rivalling any coffee-table book, the contents of which will inspire for years to come. Gaining an acceptance or two will boost any photographer’s confidence, so imagine the elation when flicking through the pages and discovering one of your images has been printed in the book. This is exactly what has happened for one of Keyworth Camera Club’s members, that person being David Kissman.

David’s photograph, We Lost, is a terrific portrayal of emotion. The hands covering the face shielding her tears, her ponytail hangs in misery too. The isolation of being the only person in the picture heightens the feeling of being alone with her sadness. Even the discarded gumshield helps add to the powerful storytelling of this image.

Congratulations David on your achievement (and to Paul B. and Steve M. who also gained acceptances), which now leaves just one question…. how are you going to top that?

20th July 2019

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