Odd Things

Diane Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* visited Keyworth Camera Club on March 18th via Zoom to give her presentation Odd Things. 

Diane challenged our ideas of photography. The whole evening was about inspiring us to try different techniques both in camera or during processing. Diane showed an impressive selection of images that both wowed and stimulated our imagination. Diane’s patter was as equally rousing, often testing our beliefs of what makes a good photograph. Forget rules, have fun, learn by messing around. ‘Don’t let the camera get in the way of your photography’. 

Diane encouraged us to team up with someone who we admire, someone whose opinions will help us become a better photographer. Surround ourselves with people who will give honest, harsh comments about our work and learn from their critiques. 

Thank-you Diane, for giving us such a thought-provoking evening, full of brilliant advice and fascinating insights into the methods you use to create your stunning photographs. We’re sure many of our members will be putting some of your excellent ideas into practice as soon as possible.

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