Cars – Online Competition 15

Our latest weekly fun competition has raced to the finish line. The theme being cars. F1 and F3 cars, sports cars, vintage cars and wreaked cars, all made up the grid.

When the lights went out one car showed tremendous acceleration and roared off into the lead, gaining momentum with every vote. As the pack began to spread, a couple of vehicles began to close the gap. Soon, one of the others upped its pace and then surged forward to chase down the leader.

As the finish line appeared on the horizon our early frontrunner saw its advantage cut down to a car’s length. Interestingly these two were our only two monochrome entries, the rest of the colourful field dropping further behind our battling leaders. 

The chequered flag was waved and our early leader just managed to edge to the finish line by a bumper as one point separated first from second. 

The spectators had witnessed a nail-biting race and cheered their appreciation to the winner. Victory going to driver Gavin Brand as the Porsche team sprayed the champagne.

Congratulations to Gavin, who won for the first-time last week, so this makes it two in a row. Can he make it a hat-trick?

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