Summer Lockdown Competition Night 3

The third round of our summer competition took place on the evening of July 16th. We have two categories, these being open colour and open monochrome. Entrants can submit up to five images in each section of which only two can be nature. The judge for the night was Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/D1.

We didn’t get quite as many entries as we had in the previous two rounds, but we still got a suitably large submission that Peter handled very well in the time available. Peter’s comments we’re well thought-out and heartening. Along with the many positive observations Peter also pointed out ways some of the photographs could be improved, such as to be careful with over saturation of colours – especially in nature images. Other suggestions for us to consider were trying not to include to much in an image and to avoid fussy backgrounds. Think about the format of your crop, long and thin, square, whatever works and to try different viewpoints such as low to the ground. Peter also encouraged us to try different techniques, be brave in this as if often works and will make your photograph stand-out from the others. 

The two images accompanying this report are the category winners. ‘Twilight at the Coast’ by Brian Garner and ‘Dreamin’’ by Rob Inglis. Congratulations to them both and we must give an extra hearty cheer to Brian as this is his first victory in one of our competitions. You can see all the placed photographs by following this link

It would also be remiss not to take this opportunity to publicly thank Peter Gennard for casting his experienced critical eye over our images and we are sure our membership will take on board and act upon his welcomed comments.

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