Shared Moments

Our final meeting of 2020 was a presentation by local photographer Derek Doar DPAGB. His show was called Shared Moments and December 17th was its first outing. Derek usually uses prints to illustrate his talks but kindly agreed to convert his images to pdi’s so he could show his images via Zoom. We were certainly glad that he did this as his photographs were stunning.

Derek showed a variety of subject matter but it soon became evident that landscapes and nature were favourite subjects of his. Derek thinks nothing of getting up during the very early hours to drive across the country to be on location for first light. Bad weather doesn’t stop him either as his images taken in hailstorms testified.

Derek’s photographs were supported by background stories, often humorous, such as the commentary accompanying a sequence of images featuring bus stops. Derek also gave out some warnings about dangerous grounds and leaving your camera bag open – the latter being a very expensive mistake for Derek.

There was plenty of technical info given out too as Derek explained why he takes so many of his photographs using HDR settings. He also added that when working with HDR that we shouldn’t lighten shadows too much if the natural light is behind the dark object. Derek also showed infrared images and others where various processing filters had been used. Derek’s top tip was to keep going back to the same place if the lighting or conditions aren’t right until you get the image you want.

Lead by a question, Derek also discussed his printing methods which the audience found extremely interesting which led to requests for his return when we can get in the hall for a printing talk.

Thank-you Derek for finishing 2020 off for us with such style. Your superb images will certainly have us thinking about the times we get up to go out to take photographs.

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