Third Competition Evening 2020-21

Our Third Internal competition took place on the night of December 10th. This was a dpi round that had three sections, Colour, Monochrome and the theme of Candid. Daan Oliver FRPS EFIAP agreed to assess our images and these were sent to him in advance so he could view them without any quality loss that can be caused by viewing just via Zoom.

There was a total of 81 images spread evenly over the three sections and Daan let us know at the outset he would spend around 60-75 seconds on each one so he could comment equally on all the images. Daan provided a lot of constructive feedback on the images in order for us all to improve our picture making and it was clear from his comments that he had taken his time to view the images full size and research the content.

Some of the areas for us to think about for the future included ensuring we had a point of focus in an image, that we were choosing the correct settings for the subject and, particularly for the candid section, that we were conveying emotion and drama. He mentioned it was good to have a JCB or Joe Cornish Boulder in an image then explained this was detail in the foreground where the eye enters the image and rests upon, before departing into the rest of the image.

Daan was also keen to point out where we could use post processing to improve the tonal ranges in our images and highlighted use of the “S” Curve, dodging & burning, and using the dehaze slider to add more drama to the sky. At the break he explained further how to use the curves tool in photoshop for those that hadn’t used it before.

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Daan for his feedback and for helping make it a very enjoyable evening. The three images accompanying this report are the section winners, to see who took them please click on each photograph. If you’d like to view all the placed photographs, please follow the link Round Three 2020-21

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