In Search Of…….

Thursday December 3rd saw Keyworth Camera Club visited by Bill Ward via Zoom. Bill gave us his excellent presentation ‘In Search of…’. With Bill’s blessing we were joined by Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society and many guests making this our most attended evening so far this season.

Bill began by telling us about his background which included some of his very first photographs. He explained that, even at this early age, water was a subject that drew his attention and he still enjoys photographing it today. Bill became and ad man before moving into acting and he told us some entertaining tales about his days appearing on Coronation Street and in other programmes. Playing someone else meant Bill relished every opportunity he could get away and take photographs, which gave him time to be himself.

Bill’s primary subject is landscapes – often containing water – and many of these would fall under the minimalistic heading. Limited colour palettes often featured too. Bill explained why he took some of these images, talking about how important composition is to creating a successful photograph. Long exposures are a major element of his images too and he enjoys working in projects, having many of them on the go at any one time. Bill revealed that he goes out to take photographs without much of a plan, he prefers to wander around and make something of what he finds. 

The second half was all about ICM (In Camera Movement) and multi-exposures, again done in camera, which were stunning to look at. Bill said that a lot of this work is hit-and-miss, and he only gets a handful of images he’s pleased with out of the many hundreds he takes. 

Bill’s commentary was delivered in a relaxed manner, often containing humour. It was both entertaining and educational. His passion for photography came over strongly and his enthusiasm was infectious, resulting in many of our members being keen to try some of his techniques themselves. 

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