Fourth Competition Evening 2020-21

Our Fourth Internal competition took place on the night of February 25th. This was a dpi round that had three sections, Colour, Nature and the theme of Architecture. Our esteemed guest judge for the evening was Ashley Franklin who agreed to assess our images. These were sent to him in advance so he could view them without any quality loss that can be caused by viewing just via Zoom.

Ashley is a regular visitor to the club and was given a fitting introduction by our Chairman before the stage was given over for us to hear his deliberations. There was a total of 95 images spread evenly over the three sections and Ashley let us know that he had thoroughly enjoyed looking through them all, stating that it was a very hard decision to narrow them down to the final images in each section. 

Feedback was provided on all the images in Ashley’s inimitable style which many local club members will recognise from the annual N&EMPF Exhibitions. It was clear that he had spent considerable time working through the images and he provided a lot of very valuable hints and tips to help not only the individual authors, but everyone interested in improving their photography. 

Some of the areas suggested for improvement in the future included ensuring that you get the correct lighting for your landscapes, which might include getting up early or visiting an area at a time when that lighting is more suitable. He also stressed how important it is to get the correct background, especially for nature shots which should not be too messy. For the theme section, a number of times Ashley mentioned that the image didn’t home in on the architectural piece with too many other distractions to take the eye away. One further thing Ashley did mention many times was how an odd number in an image made a far more appealing image than an even number.

After the decisions were made and the winners announced, Ashley was keen to stay on the Zoom session to speak to some of the authors and discuss their thoughts behind their images and how they had been taken which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ashley for his feedback and for helping make it a very enjoyable evening. The three images accompanying this report are the section winners, if you’d like to view all the placed photographs and find out the authors, please follow the link

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