Our PAGB GB Cup Results

Keyworth Camera Club are pleased to announce that three of our members gained awards in the recent PAGB GB Cup. The three photographs accompanying this post are the successful images.

Congratulations to David Kissman for being awarded a silver medal by judge Neil Smith, for his picture ‘All Arms and Legs’.

Geoff Foster’s photograph ‘Six in a 6’ was highly commended, as was Paul Burrows’ image ‘Looking Sheepish’, so congratulations to them too.

Keyworth CC entered the Limited Eligibility section of the GB Cup and finished in a very creditable 4th position, with the three clubs above us all tying in first place. The joint winners all scored 134 points and we scored 131, so not far off. The fifth placed club score 126. Our overall score and position are very inspiring, and we are already thinking ahead to next year’s competition.

Thanks to all our members who allowed us to use their images in this competition, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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