November 2023 Review

November 2nd saw a last-minute change to the programme and four of our members rose to the challenge of filling the night. Steve Myall, Rob Inglis, Paul Burrows and Gavin Brand did this admirably, putting together short print talks the very same day they were to present them. All four engaged the audience with a variety of subjects, including some before and after images. We must thank Steve, Rob, Paul and Gavin for an excellent evening that was enjoyed by all.

Our second Internal competition was held on November 9th. This was a print round with the following categories: Colour, Monochrome, Nature, and the theme of ‘Above or Below’. Phil Peat was our judge and he did a superb job in assessing the images presented to him, giving a considered evaluation to each print. The photographs from the winners of each section, and all the placed images can be seen by following this link:

On November 16th, KCC took part in an interclub battle with Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society in a competition held at both clubs simultaneously. Ian Pinn was the judge at Keyworth and Dave Stewart judged at the Outlaws. The same 60 images (30 from each club) were shown to both judges. At Keyworth the results were as follows: Keyworth 511, Outlaws 509. At the Outlaws the scores were Keyworth 510, Outlaws 516. The overall results gave victory to the Outlaws by four points. A close-run competition that was a joy to be part of, even if we were pipped at the post. One thing for sure, both audiences were treated to some excellent images.

Architectural photographer Keith Cooper visited KCC on November 23rd. His passion for the subject came over extremely strongly as he explained what his clients want from him and how he tackles these tasks to fulfil their briefs. Keith also delved into the intricacies of working with tilt-shift lenses, fascinating us with how much a photograph could be changed with the smallest of movements. This was certainly an eye-opening talk about professional architectural photography and will certainly make us think about our approach when next photographing architecture.

November 30th saw us hold another of our popular ‘Have Ago at Judging’ evenings. After a brief explanation of what might make a picture stand out from others, our members were divided into small groups and then encouraged to discuss a number of projected images, marking each photograph from 2 to 5. Later, individuals were invited to assess photographs without the support of their group. Once again, this proved to be a great night that left us all looking forward to the next one.

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