Members Night Sept 2020

Women’s Cup Final 2015 winners by David Kissman

Our Thursday night Zoom meeting this week took the form of a members evening and we invited a number of colleagues to share some images with the club members. The images were not necessarily to be of competition quality. There would be no judging or critique. We simply asked them to tell us why the images were “special” to them.

Well we certainly covered a lot of ground. We visited, amongst many locations, Sneinton Market here in Nottingham, Froggatt Edge in Derbyshire, Wembley Stadium, Buckingham Palace, Nairn in Scotland, The Isles of Scilly, Glacier National Park in Montana and finally Australia including Tasmania!

Our secretary, David Kissman, kicked off the session with 10 images mostly of a sporting nature and his clear message was that he learned so much through being given advice and support from fellow photographers at sporting events and from friends at the club. He laid to rest the theory that when out and about pro photographers would be unwilling to help and give advice to those less well versed in the world of competitive sports photography.

Pete Stoves, a new member to the club shared some images of his recent trips to Sneinton Market. He has developed a liking for Street Photography and his early work shows that he has some real feeling and empathy with the subject.

Framed by Pete Stoves

Julian Taylor, another relatively new member, then took over to show 10 images from a number of locations including a memorable trip to America with his wife. Almost every one of his images held great emotional memories for him and he finished his section with the line “Photography has meaning for me.”

Henrhyd Falls by Julian Taylor

After the break Sue Hall, a longstanding member and servant of the club, shared a number of images that were important to her, again primarily because of the special memories they evoked of family and friends. In her job Sue was used to standing up and presenting to groups of people but has tended to shy away from doing presentations in the club. However, she stepped up to the plate and did an excellent job of sharing the images and conveying their importance to her.

The Ice-cream Man by Sue Hall

Finally, our Programme Secretary John Sutherland filled the remaining time with a mini travelogue of his trip to Australia earlier this year. It all started so well for John and his wife as they visited Perth and Tasmania but as they arrived in Sydney the Covid crisis had struck and the rest of their vacation came to an abrupt end save for a most valued trip to Uluru. John managed to squeeze 122 images and 1 video into his presentation slot, bringing to an end an absorbing and insightful members evening.

Untitled by John Sutherland

Thanks to all those involved in setting up and running the evening with special mention to vice-chairman Ron Maslin who chaired the evening in the absence of our chairman who had to attend to other duties.

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