Photographers Through the Decades

‘Photographers Through the Decades’ is the title of an AV show from our federation (N.&.E.M.P.F.) and on the evening of Thursday 25/06/20 we showed this via Zoom. 

The disc is divided into two halves and it’s fascinating to follow the changes in both photographic style and subject matter since the 1950’s up to and into the 1990’s. We saw over 600 images split into two parts, each running at just under an hour in length. 

The first half deals with prints and Ashley Franklin’s informative commentary covers the history of N.&.E.M.P.F. and dips into the development of photography and photographic societies too. Three well known photographers share recollections of their introductions to photography, their first cameras and their thoughts on the new world of digital photography. The historical record of many of these images proving how invaluable these archived photographs can be. 

The second half looks at the slide workers of the 1980’s and 1990’s. The subject matter was much broader than in the first half and prompted one of our members to comment that she hadn’t realized how creative you could be with film. We saw straight images and those created by sandwiching more than one slide together. There were images that had been projected onto surfaces other than a screen to create textures. Those shot through smears of Vaseline or margarine, images abused by scratching the surface of the slide or burning it. Multi-exposures featured too. 

Many in the audience were surprised by how many of the photographers featured in the second half have been, or are, members of Keyworth Camera Club and this added an extra captivating element to the evening and prompted some great discussion after the show came to an end.

If your club is looking for something a little different that is thoroughly entertaining then you should consider this show.

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