David Kissman – Selectors Award

Congratulations to club member David Kissman for being awarded a selector’s trophy in the 2020 Basingstoke National Open Exhibition.

The image in question, called ‘Super Stretch’, has been gaining all kinds of accolades for David, so we decided to ask him to give us some background information about this photograph. 

The image is of French star Stéphane Houdet who was at the top of his game and at that time he was world singles number 1. The photograph was captured at the Men’s British Open Wheelchair Championship at Nottingham Tennis Centre on 19th July 2015.

The photograph had been sitting in my files for several years before I came across it recently and thought that there was some merit in the image, especially the powerful action and the strong red of the shirt that draws your attention. I had some editing to do to remove a very busy background. The backgrounds at many sporting events tend to be quite intrusive and I always try to get into a position that has a minimum of distractions but it is not always possible. I tend to use quite wide apertures to try and throw the background out of focus and that does help. It was taken with a 70-200mm lens on my Canon 7D. The focal length was 102mm and the other settings were ISO 250, shutter speed 1/1600 and an aperture f3.2.

The Nottingham wheelchair tennis event is always worth a visit. You get to see world class players close up and have no difficulty in capturing some great action.

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