The Third Competition Night 2021-22

On December 16th Keyworth Camera Club held the third round of our Internal competition. Three sections, Open Colour, Monochrome and Nature, brought in a respectable 66 photographs. Our judge was Daan Olivier FRPS EFIAP and he provided some knowledgeable and informative comments that praised or suggested how we could improve our images in a clear and concise way.

Some of Daan’s welcome advice was to use denoise on images that had been taken with high ISO settings. Ask yourself why you are choosing to present a photograph in monochrome – have you improved the image by converting it to black and white rather than showing it as a colour photograph? Some pictures, Daan thought, could have more impact with a little more saturation, although he did say that a lot of our photographs displayed good tonality. When Daan did suggest changing something he also explained how to do this in easy-to-understand language which went down well with the membership, particularly those new to photography.

We’d like take this opportunity to publicly thank Daan for his very encouraging assessment of our images.

The three photographs accompanying this post are those that won each section. To see all the placed images please click this link:

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