Wild Taiga

Wildlife photographer Danny Green visited Keyworth Camera Club on Thursday February 18th via Zoom to give his presentation Wild Taiga.

Danny absolutely wowed the large audience with his stunning photography. Wolverine, bears, eagles, beaver, and owls were just some of the many animals he showed us. Danny’s commentary covered information about some of these creatures’ habits, habitats and techniques for photographing in such wild, and often hostile, environments in many places of the world.

Danny also told us about his beginnings as a photographer and his struggles to turn his passion into a profession, these tales often laced with humour, these fun asides continued throughout the talk. We even got to find out how bears defrost frozen meat!

Danny likes to set himself projects, such as working with pine martins. He also enjoys taking more pictorial images of his subjects, preferring these results to those with the animal filling the frame. Photographing in the snow is probably his favourite weather conditions for wildlife photography.

There were so many great tales and technical tips mentioned in the presentation that we can’t possibly mention them all here, so if you ever get the opportunity to see one of Danny’s talks then grab it with both hands.

Danny stayed on Zoom after the meeting and shared many more observations and tips about cameras for working in extreme conditions and clothing to keep up warm in freezing weather.

Thank-you so much Danny for this superb evening. Your photography is outstanding and your knowledge of wildlife, climate and location second-to-none.

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