The Art of Composite Photography

Robert and Sharon Prenton Jones visited Keyworth Camera Club on Thursday, February 11th, via Zoom to give us their presentation The Art of Composite Photography. This proved to be a very popular event, bringing in one of our highest attendances with over 60 people signing in to view this talk.

What a terrific night this was. Stunning imagery from wild imaginations featuring pictures influenced by art and Celtic myths and legends. The talk was filled with entertaining stories and hints and tips on taking images for composites and how to put everything together, ensuring light direction and colour matched in the finished work. Robert explained how light can be used to direct the viewers gaze to the main subject and pointed out that we should try to tell a story in our images. Sharon finished with a live Photoshop demonstration showing how she creates some of her backgrounds.

One piece of advice is something we should all try to follow in our quest to produce better images, whatever the subject, and that was to keep challenging ourselves as this will stop our imaginations from stagnating. 

We would like to publicly thank Robert and Sharon for this terrific evening that was educational, enjoyable, humorous and superbly inspirational. 

If you’d like to find out more about Robert and Sharon’s images, and maybe sign up for one of their courses on composite photography, then please follow this link:

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