Demo Night

On November 26th we held a member’s night that saw four volunteers from Keyworth Camera Club give us how-to presentations. These were either live demonstrations or sequences of photographs that included behind-the-scenes images. Their commentaries were both revealing and educational and allowed plenty of time for questions.

First was Pete who explored the free open source software Darktable as an alternative to using Lightroom and Photoshop. He talked us through a few of the controls and showed how to use them to give us some idea of what it is capable of.

Next came Ron who explained how he creates line-drawings from his photographs using PagePlus software. The finished artwork had a pen-and-ink appearance that prompted some healthy discussion on how they could be colourized to look like paintings.

After a short break, Paul showed us how to put four images together as a panel in a single photograph. He talked us through resizing the pictures and how to move them around to create a balanced panel.

Tony closed the night with a talk about how he works with harvest mice, showing many images that exposed how he builds sets and explained why the mice don’t try to escape. It was fascinating to discover his methods and follow his learning curve. All extremely worthwhile as the results are spectacular.

These home-grown nights are some of the most enjoyed evenings in the programme and we are extremely grateful that some of our members are willing to step-up and a give us these terrific demonstrations. Long may this continue.

Special thanks to Pete, Ron, Paul and Tony for making this a truly spectacular evening filled with excellent images and commentaries that we all learnt from. This was definitely a top-class night.

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