Which Image Would Adorn Your Wall?

On April 21st Keyworth Camera Club held a member’s night via Zoom. The theme was Pictures You’d Hang on Your Wall. Our members were asked to submit up to five images each that they could live with on the walls of their house – but the question was in which room would the rest of the club members display them?

Using Zoom’s polls function everyone got to vote on all 91 images. There were four choices and these were The Toilet, Maybe the Spare Room, Very Nice but Not the Lounge, and Would have Pride of Place. Time was given to view each photograph before the poll appeared and the number of votes for each room was noted. As microphones were left on, a lot of entertaining comments were voiced and the evening was filled with laughter.

During the break the team running the event crunched the numbers to discover which the top ten images were and they eventually had to settle on eleven as there were some tied scores. These images were then shown and the photographers explained the where, why and how behind their pictures, again this produced a lot of banter and humorous observations as comments and questions were encouraged.  

Everyone agreed the evening was a complete success, and it gave us the opportunity to show a variety of excellent images that we normally wouldn’t see on club nights – which was the idea behind the event and we must thank the team who worked so hard behind the scenes; Gavin Brand, Paul Burrows, and Adrian Ilott for ensuring everything ran smoothly and effortlessly.

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