Members Outing To West Bridgford

On the evening of May 19th, Keyworth Camera Club headed out onto the streets of West Bridgford for a practical session. We had an amazing turn out for this event with 23 members taking part – you can see 20 of them in the accompanying photos.

The brief was as follows: Working pairs, identify your subject and both take images that represent it differently. This can be from the direction or angle you take your photographs, choice of lens or by post editing but a straight colour/mono conversion will not suffice. Draw on each other’s experience and thoughts. Put into practice what you have gleaned from our speakers and judges throughout the season. Experiment with numerous images but you will only need to submit one photograph of the subject each which will be shown at next week’s meeting. The themes are simply one, two and three.

Over a period of two hours, which saw daylight fade into darkness, many photographs were taken much to the amusement of the locals. We lost count of how many people came up and asked if we were paparazzi and who was the celebrity were we waiting for? People, street furniture, shop window displays, dogs and much more became subjects for our hungry lenses as we strived to fulfil the brief. Were we successful? We’ll have to wait until our next meeting to find out the answer to that question.

This event was put together by our Chairman, Rob Inglis, so we must add a huge thank-you to him for organizing this very successful evening of photography which was enjoyed by all. Unsurprisingly the night finished at a bar!

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