Final Meeting of The Season

Thursday May 26th was Keyworth Camera Club’s final meeting of the season. This was the presentation night of the awards won in our internal competitions during this club year, followed by a look at the images taken during last week’s practical.

As we were on Zoom, we couldn’t present the awards to the victors in person, but photographs had been taken of the winners holding their silver and glass trophies and these were shown.

The Chairman’s Choice award for his favourite competition image of the season went to Gavin Brand.

The Ken Reffin Trophy for most points gained throughout the season went to Steve Myall.

The Bill Lawrenson Trophy for the winner of the Colour pdi section was won by Steve Myall.

The Mary Hurley Trophy for the winner of the Monochrome pdi was won by Gavin Brand.

The Special Themes Trophy was won by Paul Burrows.

The Martin Withers Memorial Trophy for the winner of Nature section was won by Steve Myall.

Congratulations to Steve, Gavin and Paul.

Last week 23 of our members hit the streets of West Bridgford to take images fitting a brief set by our chairman, Rob Inglis. Our members were paired up and had to take photographs that depicted the themes of 1, 2, and 3. Each pair had to photograph the same subject in a different way and these were shown together tonight and each photographer was encouraged to talk about the thought process behind their images. This produced a great evening of entertainment as we saw some excellent photographs that were supported by some insightful commentary that we could all learn from.

The three sets of images accompanying this report are Rob’s favourites from each section.

This two-part evening provided a fitting close to our season, but all has not come to an end as Keyworth Camera Club will be running more outdoor practicals throughout the summer break.

Our new season begins on the 1st of September 2022. More details will be posted here and on our website soon.

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