Battle with Gibraltar 2019

Tonight was the second round of our biannual battle with Gibraltar. This was the third time we’ve held this competition, and win or lose, it’s always great to see work from another country. 

The first leg was held on Monday 11th at Gibraltar and their judge was Juan Carlos Teuma, a professional freelance photographer who has been working for many years along Spain’s Costa de Sol, and currently working for the Government of Gibraltar. 

The results from that round weren’t made common knowledge until after our round, which was judged by David Gibbins ARPS, APAGB, EFIAP/b, BPE5* CPAGB/AV. David made excellent comments, suggesting little hints and tips to make many of the images that bit better. One of his main thoughts being that some of the nature images had their subject way to large in the picture. David held back quite a few images for his top marks, and KCC had a couple more in this final selection than Gibraltar. When it came to the last scores of 19 and 20, it seemed KCC were in with a chance as all but one of the remaining images belonged to the home team. 

Final scores were as follows:
Gibraltar round – Gibraltar 522 and 539 to Keyworth
Keyworth round – Gibraltar 467 and 494 to Keyworth

The final tally resulted in Keyworth taking first place with 1033 to Gibraltar’s 989

‘Artisan Fisherman’ Stephen Hermida

When it came to the top image in each leg, these were shared between the clubs. In the Gibraltar round this award went to Keyworth member Natalie Burrows for her image ‘Lady and Gentlemen’ and in the Keyworth round David picked Gibraltar member Stephen Hermida’s ‘Artisan Fisherman’ as the best image.

‘Lady and Gentleman’ Natalie Burrows

We’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank both Juan Carlos Teuma and David Gibbins for their thoughtful comments about our photographs and we now look forward to the next battle in two years time.

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