Members Night 4-6-2020

On the evening of Thursday June 4th, we held a members evening via Zoom. This proved to be a fun and educational meeting that drew in a good audience and it will certainly have inspired many of us to try some of the techniques shown.

The first half of the evening was all about restoring old photographs to their former glory. Ron Maslin had been hunting through his old family collections and did a live demonstration using Elements to show how simple it is to repair scratches, tears, creases and other age gained scuffmarks. His commentary was easy to follow and generated a lot of interest and a number of questions that he answered comprehensively. You can see Ron’s worn and restored photograph below. 

For the second part of the night we had a fascinating look at how different photographers tackled the same image. A single photograph had been sent to seven of our members with the instructions to work on the image in whatever way they liked. The photographer who took the image, Paul Burrows, produced a finished example too. Each person then showed their version and explained the techniques used by either presenting a number of screengrabs, doing live editing, or by using a slide show. As expected, the final images ranged from more or less faithful representations, to those with a couple of added elements to the downright surreal. There was lots to learn during this part of the evening and lots of laughter to be had too. Paul then got to comment on which his favourites were, the only two monochrome conversions, and you can see them, and the original attached to this report. Paul’s top choice being the last example titled ‘You and Your Short Cuts!’

Thanks must go to all those who helped make this evening such a success, Ron, Paul, Brian, Steve, Rob, Bev, John, Trina, Jules, and finally Gavin for running and hosting the Zoom session.

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