A Light Hearted Wander with My Camera

On April 1st Keyworth Camera Club was visited by Steve Walters BPE2* and he gave us a brand new, never seen before, presentation called A Light Hearted Wander with My Camera.

Steve had split the talk into four sections; Nature, People, Sport and Scapes (which included Architecture). Steve’s images ranged from record to creative and he showed us both monochrome and colour photographs.

Steve’s patter was lively, humorous and informative – the latter in where the pictures were taken, why they were composed as they were and the processing techniques used to finish them. Steve also explained how he thought some of them could be improved and said that we all need to study our own work and learn from them.

We saw a great variety of subjects which included insects, birds, studio portraits, street – both candid and those where Steve had asked if he could photograph the person, motorbike racing, football, and landscapes – both traditional and abstract.

We would like to publicly thank Steve for putting this inspirational presentation together for us that was full of hints and tips that our members can apply to their photography.

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