The 52 Project

The first week of 2019 saw eighteen KCC members set out on a new year long challenge. 52 themes had been set, one for each week of the year. Even though the subjects were known in advance the photographs had to be taken in the correct week and posted into a private Facebook group. 

The purpose of this challenge was to get our members out taking photographs. To have fun with this quest and perhaps learn new techniques along the way. 

All the subjects were easily accessible, but knowing them before-hand gave time to plan for some of those you couldn’t take at home or in the garden. Comments on the pictures were encouraged, but critiques could only be given if asked for. 

As in any challenge of this type we lost a few participants along the way and by the close of the year ten members had completed the 52 weeks. These ten were invited to show some of their images in a club evening of which eight were able to do so.

Our eight photographers were asked to show twelve images each, explaining how and why they chose the subject for whichever week they were illustrating. Each of our eight speakers enthralled the rest of the membership with tales of triumph, frustration and humorous observations, many of which had the audience laughing out loud. 

All in all, this was a very successful event that resulted in a members evening that was greatly enjoyed by all, both those showing their work and those who’d just come along to see the images. 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those who completed this 52 Challenge, in particular the eight who showed their work to the rest of the club members. 

The eight pictures below comprise one from each of those photographers and you can find out who took what and which theme they represent by hovering over them or to see them in full size by clicking on the individual images.

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