Third Competition Evening 2019-2020

January 30th was the night of our 3rd internal competition. This time it was for dpi’s (Digital projected images) only. There were three categories: Monochrome, Nature and the theme of Long Exposures that had to have a shutter speed of two seconds or more.

Our judge for the evening was Ken Wade who tackled the large number of entries admirably. Ken commented at the end on how much he’d enjoyed assessing our work and thought the Long Exposure section was particularly strong, a thought the audience agreed with. 

Ken offered many hints and tips on how many of our photographs could be improved and also held back quite a lot of images to choose his final pictures from. When viewing his top choices, he made slow and deliberate selections to award those coveted first, second, third and commended places. You can see the first placed images in the three categories at the top of this post. All the placed images can be seen by clicking here

We would like to publicly thank Ken for his considered approach to appraising our images and for his excellent pacing to get through the one hundred images in a timely manner.

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