The wider world of photography part 2

Ashley Franklin visited Keyworth Camera Club on February 13th to give his presentation The Wider World of Photography part 2. Having seen part 1 a few seasons ago, this new talk drew the membership in to see just what images and stories Ashley would show us during this look back into the history of photography.

Ashley covered a wide range of subjects in the first half, which included the story of aviation photography and a look at advertising (remember those Marlboro and Bensen & Hedges ads?). Ashley also delved into the worlds of landscape, sport, science and nature photography. All this supported by entertaining patter sprinkled with thought-provoking quotes from the photographers work on show. 

The second-half of the evening really made you question your thoughts on just what makes a photograph worthy of the name as Ashley explored the often-baffling world of photo art. Controversial at times and an area of photography that Ashley (and many of our members) struggled to understand. The difference between an art critiques lyrical waxing’s compared to our own (and club judges) observations on images couldn’t be further apart if we tried. 

Ashley narrated his well-researched script in a lively and amusing tone, often having the audience in fits of laughter as we marvelled at extraordinary photographs and were left stunned in disbelief at others. 

Thank-you Ashley for agreeing to give us this very enjoyable evening, one that has provided us with enough fodder for debate for a long, long time to come.

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