A Landscaper’s Guide

On January 20th, Keyworth Camera Club was visited by Graham Dunn, a professional photographer since 2006, who gave us his presentation The Peak District – A Landscaper’s Guide.

Graham photographs interiors and people, but his passion is for landscapes and we were treated to some superb examples of the latter as he took us on a tour around the Peak District. He explained his techniques for working out the best viewpoints in relationship to the light and this research certainly paid off as his landscapes were exquisitely illuminated. 

Graham takes the vast majority of his photographs with his camera firmly mounted on a tripod, and he usually uses graduated neutral density and/or polarizing filters to balance out the light. Graham also uses a camera converted to infra-red to create something a little different.

When questioned about his favourite times of year to photograph landscapes, Graham said when it was frosty and misty. Graham also added that he also chooses to go out when the forecast says the weather will be showers and sunshine, as the ever-changing conditions can make for some dramatic light.

Thank-you, Graham, for giving us an inspired presentation, one that was enjoyed by all. We are sure that some of our members will be heading for the Peak District at the earliest opportunity to see if they too can create some wonderful landscape images.

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