2020 Panel Project

For the last few years Keyworth Camera Club has given its members the chance to take up a year long challenge. As the images are produced, they are shared in a private Facebook group with only those taking part. The best photographs are then shown to the rest of the membership as part of the seasons programme. 

Our latest challenge was to create four image panels, one to be posted into the Facebook group each month. On January 28th twelve of those who took part showed six panels of their choice to the rest of the club, explaining the thoughts behind their panels, techniques used and whether they thought they were successful. Panels ranged from records to creative and covered a very broad range of subject matter.

This proved to be a very entertaining evening that encouraged interaction with the other members in the way of questions and suggestions on how other ideas could be incorporated into panels. 

One panel from each participant is shown in the gallery with the authors name included.

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