Spring Treasure Hunt

On Thursday May 20th, Keyworth Camera Club showed and voted on the images that had been taken for our Spring Treasure Hunt. We had been challenged to take ten images, one for each of the following themes: 6pm, Creative, Distorted, Food, Games, Metal, Three of a Kind, Upside Down, Writing and Yellow. All these photographs had to be taken during the timeline of January 24th up to May 6th

During the first half of the evening, we showed all the image produced by the ten members who’d taken up the challenge. Each photograph appeared on screen for a few seconds and then we used Zoom’s voting facility so everyone could mark the image from two to five. Each category was shown in its entirety before moving on to the next in the sequence above. Everyone was unmuted during this, which allowed a lot of humorous comments to be made about the images shown, which was encouraged as this was designed to be a light-hearted and fun evening.

After a brief break, where the percentage scores were examined in a break-out room, we showed the top two images from each theme. The people who took the photographs were invited to tell us their thoughts behind their images and then each picture was open for discussion with the rest of the group lead by David Kissman. Throughout this half of the evening some interesting and inspiring techniques were revealed that our members are now keen to try themselves. One comment that came up time and again was to get in close to your subject to give your photograph impact.

The whole evening was extremely successful, filled with great images and lively comment and we hope to challenge our members with another Treasure Hunt soon. We must also show our appreciation to the team who made this event possible, so a huge thank-you to Bev, Paul, Adrian and David. We must also extend those thanks to the ten club members who took up the challenge.

All of the top twenty images are shown below. Click on the images to see full size.

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