Summer Outing to Wysall

Wysall is only two and a half miles from Keyworth yet it proved to provide plenty of interest for members of the camera club who attended another Summer Outing event last night.

Bev greeted the members and firstly reminded them of the need to observe suitable social distancing during the evening. She then provided each person with a suggested list of items to photograph including the church, the pub, a hanging basket and a moving vehicle. Finally before sending them on their way, they were sub divided into 4 smaller groups, each with a “resident expert” who would be on hand to provide guidance and help if needed.

The weather was behaving itself with some excellent evening sunshine regularly peeking through the clouds although it did require some careful management of light and shadow.

Several local residents were happy to share information and history about the village including reference to a lady who during her lifetime and since her passing was referred to as Miss Disney. She lived in a cottage opposite the church and it turned out that one of our club members had attended Miss Disney’s piano lessons many moons ago! 

There was plenty to occupy the time as members photographed houses, animals, people, cyclists, flowers and many other interesting and novel items.

The event drew to a close as the sun began to set at around 8pm and then, by some magic, most people found their way to The Plough for a post event chat and a drink.

Bev was thanked for her time and effort and we now look forward to the next outing to Bradgate Park in September

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