New Clickers session Sept 2019

The first New Clickers meeting of the new season took place before the main meeting of the club last Thursday lead by club secretary David Kissman.

The topics for the evening were “Getting the right exposure” and “How to read the histogram”

Understanding that a good exposure can be achieved by many different combinations of aperture, shutter speed and ISO was the start point for the event. Having identified that a good exposure is not necessarily the RIGHT exposure, the attendees went on to examine what makes for an exposure combination that meets the need of a specific image. 

Following a good debate and some questions of clarification and understanding, David went on to explain the basics of the histogram and how to use it to improve the quality of images by ensuring that there were no extremes of hard  blacks or blown out highlights.

Members enjoyed the event and said that they had acquired some new and helpful tips.  Expectations are high for another New Clickers session in October.

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