Mono Moods

Colin Jarvis MA Photo, FD Photo, PGCE, ARPS visited Keyworth Camera Club on May 13th via Zoom and gave us his presentation Mono Moods.

This excellent talk mainly featured minimalistic seascapes full of mood and atmosphere. Nearly all of these images were created through the use of long exposures using a combination of graduated and big stopper filters. Colin’s post-processing often includes applying a vignette, lots of dodging and burning and removing elements from the photograph that are distracting.

Being at the location at the right time is extremely important and having a knowledge of tide times is part of that. Colin is also not afraid to get wet, and can often be found up to his knees in the sea to get the angle he wants with the right amount of foreground water. A sturdy tripod is essential, one that won’t move when waves break against it.

Colin also showed some superb infra-red monochrome images and gave us many hints and tips for when we work in this medium. Colin’s patter was in depth, easy to understand and inspiring and we are sure that many of our members will be trying some of them out as soon as possible.

Thank-you Colin for giving us such an outstanding talk that will surely have us rushing to the coast at the first opportunity.

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